Monday, 9 September 2013

Maths Reflection

Today in maths I was practising my basic facts so I can understand what basic facts are and I was on Xtra Maths. The other main thing was Math Whizz I was doing fractions and practising my maths skills. There are the two websites that we can go on is Xtra Maths and Math Whizz.

The stage that I am on for maths is stage 4 and I am always trying to get up to stage 6 that is the stage that I am supposed to be on right now. I do like maths because I like practising my basic facts so I can get better at basic facts and also practising my maths skills by going on Math Whizz. Using the tutor we do activities with the teacher. I am not that good at maths, but I do try.

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