Monday, 30 September 2013

Pinata making for South America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This term we have been making South American pinatas so we can show to the 2 other classes and they are also seniors.First of all we all had a ballon so we blow the ballon a then tie the top so the air can not come out. After that we had to cut old newspaper out and then glue it on the ballon. Once we all finish Miss G had to come and hang it up on the hanging line. So we leave it to dry for 2 or 3 days then we can put anohter layer on top of the first layer so we have to have 8 layers before we can decorate because if you don't have eight layers then you won't have a pinata. 

Late on we had to pop the ballon and we had to glue white paper on top of the newspaper. So we leave to dry during the holidays Once we get to school next term we will decorate it and put lollies and scrap of paper inside of the pinata.

Here is a photo of a South American pinata that I an going to design next term. It is out of those 2 to design.

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