Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Experience about Today!

On such a beautiful morning the students of St Pius X School came to school dressed up as a book character from their favorite book. The character that I dressed up as was Adolf Hitler from the book “ Making Bombs for Hitler “. This book was about Two Frightened girl arriving at a large building along with many other children. All the children were separated into two different groups. One of the groups were called the Labourers and the other is called the Ost Arbeiters. Neither of them know what the two groups are for at that time.

Today was a wonderful, Room 1 dressed up as Princesses and Pirates, Room 4 dressed up as their disney character and the rest of the schools dressed up as character of their favourite book. When the clock hit 10.00am everyone started entering the hall with their wonderful costumes they wore. Everyone sat quietly waiting for Rosrine & Alecia to start our Book Assembly. Walking through the door was Josephine Bartley the Tamaki Councilor dressed up as the Little Red Riding Hood and also Mr Coakley our principal dressed up as the Cat in the hat.

Room 1 had to come up to the stage and show their dresses to the whole school and also to all the parents at the back. Room 1 was so fantastic showing off their dresses and their big massive Pirates. The rest of the class also came up to the stage and showed off their characters to the whole school and also the parents.

At the end of the assembly the Duffy Book Song was playing and every single student had to stand up and walk around the hall ( It’s like a Parade )  and show the parents who we are. Everyone had a great day with their Disney Dresses.

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