Thursday, 7 July 2016

Trip to the St Patrick Cathedral!!

On such a beautiful morning St Pius X School had the opportunity to attend this wonderful Cathedral which is the Catholic Diocese of Patrick Dunn. We all gathered up outside and walked down to the bus stop which was where the 2 buses were parked. The reason why we went these is because it was the Year of Mercy which is important to all Christian churches.

While we were in the bus I saw these wonderful tall buildings surrounding us. Once we arrived at our destination we saw this really big door that was blessed by our Bishop which is Patrick Dunn, that door is also known as the “ Door of Mercy “. Once we entered the church we saw these big banners on both sides of the church that says “ Merciful Like The Father “ the reason why they have those signs is because this year is called the “ Year of Mercy “. This is the 27th Holy year in history, following the ordinary 2000 jubilee during John Paul's Papacy.

While we were inside this huge/wide building we saw these stained glass windows with a picture of Jesus and Mary going up to Heaven on the of the Assumption or the Ascensions. There was also this other thing that I saw that was really special to the church which was the Chair of the Bishop, this chair is special to the church and also to the parish members. This chair is a chair only for Bishop Patrick Dunn. Patrick Dunn will be the only person who will sit on that chair.  

The reason why we went to this special place is because we wanted to enter the Door of Mercy which was blessed by Bishop Pat. Once we finished dipping our finger into the baptismal font we had to go and find our seat where we will be sitting for the next 45 minutes.

After the 45 minutes Mrs Tui sighed “ Let’s take a photo with Fr Larry “ everyone quickly went up to the altar and stood quietly and sensible while Mrs Tui & Villiami’s aunty was taking the photo. While we were taking the photo my stomach was rumbling, rumbling for food. I was so hungry I couldn’t even breathe properly. After taking a photo Fr Larry was talking to us about the stained glass windows and many other things that are the church.

Later on Fr Larry told us that as we walk out of this special place we will have to sing a short hymn that goes like this “ Merciful like the Father, Merciful like the Father “ we will be singing this short hymn while we are leaving the church also while we are leaving the church we will have to dip our finger into the baptismal font and bless ourselves.

A few minutes later Fr Larry and Mrs Tui told us that we can go and have our lunch,  I was so excited to have lunch because I was starving ever since we entered the Cathedral. While we were having our lunch I kept on saying in my head “ This was a special trip and also a special place I want to come back and visit this building again “.

A few minutes after lunch we had to leave Cathedral and head off back to our Home town which is Glen innes. While we were in the bus I kept on saying “ I want to come back and visit this special place again “. I think this trip was the best experience that the school has ever had.

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