Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Weekly Activity - Acitivty 2 ( Day 4 )

Be the Inspiration!!

Activity 2 - Learn: Let’s imagine that you were able to meet one of the following three athletes competing for New Zealand at the Rio Olympics: Laren Boyle, Stuart Farqhuar and Andrea Kilday. In your blog tell us which one of these three athletes you would choose to meet and why.

I would like to meet Lauren Boyle, because I want some advice or tips if I was in the Olympics joining a great sport called Swimming.

Thanks and have a great holiday!!!


  1. Morning Joshua!

    So, you would like to meet Lauren Boyle 'eh? I think that you have made a great choice. She is a very skilled swimmer and I'm sure that she could give you lots of tips and tricks! I would also love to ask her for some advice as I really love swimming. I actually worked for years as a lifeguard in Canada before moving to New Zealand. I don't have the chance to swim here as often as I wish and I do miss it sometimes. Do you like swimming?

    Cheers, Rachel

  2. Yes I do love swimming. Thanks for the comment