Monday, 4 July 2016

My Experience at the Te Oro in Glen Innes

My Experience at the Te Oro in Glen Innes

On such a beautiful afternoon, the year 8’s of St Pius X School had the opportunity to attend Te Oro to be part of the people who are going to see different kind of arts that Sommerville Special School located in Panmure on Tripoli Road.

While we were doing our school work Mr Coakley came into the class quietly and told Mrs Tui that he needs the year 8 students so we can go to Te Oro which is located on Line Road.

While we were walking to our destination we were excited and happy that we will be having a rest from our learning for once. Once we got there we saw these people that were from Sommerville Special School. While we were having a tour around the Te Oro building we saw some students from that School, we all had a chance to talk and explain to them Why did you make these painting?.

I had the best experience while we were there because we got the opportunity to talk to people from Sommerville Special School. I had the best time, I hope I can go back there.

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