Friday, 29 July 2016

Narrative Writing ( The Troll )

“ I will sing you a song,“ exclaimed Poppy “
Do you mind, I am trying to sleep“.  
“ Darling please leave me alone..“ I sang walking towards her.  
“ Can you just show respect and listen to my song“..
I was frustrated and went back to sleep.

Not long after that I woke up once again and said.“ Can you go and sing somewhere else “ I scolded, “No. “ Poppy exclaimed.
“ Mommy finger, Mommy finger, where are you….” she sang walking towards the darkness on the other side. Poppy could see me blocking my ears, trying to sleep and also moving around. While she was singing I saw these wonderful underwater creatures joining in her singing.  They all moved and undulate to the music.

I sat there trying to not listen  to her singing but all I did was look at these wonderful creatures there were. At the end of the worst song I have ever heard in my life, “ May I use your Ukulele? “, so she handed me her untuned ukulele, well guess I chucked the ukulele into the Fire that I finished making. I was so happy and glad that she wasn’t singing anymore.

Poppy stood there like an unhappy person. We finally went to sleep!!!

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  1. Hi Joshua it is your Mum here....
    This piece of writing is fantastic, you have a great beginning in this writing. The one thing you need to work on is your punctuation and your sentence structure. By the way you writing is amazing. I can see you are progressing.

    Thanks Mata