Monday, 4 July 2016

My Experience at the Retreat Centre!

My Experience at Retreat was amazing. This was the best experience I have ever had during my school life in St pius. The reason why it was amazing is because we all got a chance to talk about leadership and talk about how awesome we are. The 3 important words that we have learnt are Pono, Tika and Aroha. These words will help us with our leadership and help us with our daily lives.

During the 2 days we have spent at St Francis Retreat Centre we were talking about how we can show leadership in our daily lives, we had to build a ark to represent Noah building his ark when he wanted to save all the animals from the flood and last but not least we had to work in a group and talk about how we can use the items that were in the bag to help us if we had no homes.

The most challenging activity for me was when we had to build the boat, the reason why it was challenging is because we had to try and make our boat float on the water for 5 minutes and in my head I was like “ I think my boat won’t float, my boat won’t float, my boat won’t float “. But when it came to the end my boat was floating over 5 minutes, I was so happy with myself because I made my boat float.

I had a great experience at Retreat. This was one of the best experience I have ever had during my school life. Every single Year 8 had a great time. Once I got back home I felt like going back to the St Francis Retreat Centre.